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Flat Transformer PadsInstallation of Polymer Concrete Flat Pads:

Please refer to local and utility for installation guidelines. These installation guidelines are for reference only, proper installation shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor.

  • Determine positioning of cables/conduits
  • Excavate area large enough to fit pad being installed and recess the area enough so that the top of the pad will be slightly above grade of the surrounding area.
  • Backfill and tamp trench leading to the cable entrance area
  • Level and tamp dirt around cable/conduit entrance
  • Level and compact the area that is going to be occupied by the flat pad with material such as gravel, soil or stone dust
  • Place pad on level firm base with the cable/conduits positioned in the cable entrance hole of the pad
  • Backfill and tamp area around the pad bringing it to the desired grade
  • Place equipment on the pad and bolt down with appropriate hardware

A firm base for the pad is very important for support as well as drainage.

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