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Oldcastle Infrastructure manufactures a broad range of round and rectangular plastic (HDPE) splice boxes for a variety of utility needs. Our durable splice boxes provide essential covering for pipe and cable access for irrigation control, water, sewer, electric, RCV, CATV, telephone and street lighting. You'll find a range of hand holes, splice/pull boxes, controls enclosures, and junction boxes.




General Specification Information

  • Enclosures shall be injected molded polyofin plastic with ultra-violet additives ATSM-D-V1248
  • Box shall have adequate soil surface to prevent settling in firm soil
  • Product shall comply to ATSM-D-635 or UL-94 (Flammability of Plastic Articles)
  • Cover to have anti-skid surface
  • For use in non-vehicle traffic areas
  • Not recommended for installation in concrete or asphalt without felt expansion joint.


  • Specify: Part number, color, quantity, lid type
  • Pipe knockout location and size
  • Cover marking
  • "Ship to" and "Bill to" location


Freight Definitions
   Plastic Articles    NMFC 157320
   Plastic Articles    NMFC 156600

Physical & Chemical Properties

Polyethylene D-1248 -
Impact Strength (12 lb. wt, "C" tup) D-1244 38 ft/lbs
Effect of Acids and Alkalies D-543 Very Resistant
Tensile Strength D-638 4415 PSI
Deflection Temp. @ 66 PSI D-648 159°F
Flexural Modulus D-790 191,000 PSI
Flammability (Horizontal cm/min) D-635 1.59 cm/min
Resistance to Ultra-Violet Light Xenon-Arc >35 w/m2/NM Band @ 340 NM G-26-92 7-9 yrs *

Plastic boxes should not be installed in concrete or asphalt without adequate rubber or FELT EXPANSION barriers.
Special product load data available on request
*- Surface Discoloration Varies with Area Condition AATCC Test Method 16E 1976

Stock Cover Identifications

  • Irrigation control valve (ICV)
  • Water (solid or meter door)
  • Electric (green or gray)
  • Reclaimed water (green or lavender)
  • Blank (no cover marking)
  • Sewer
  • RCV
  • CATV
  • Telephone
  • Street lighting

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